Product Features

Patient Management

Patients are the life blood of a practice. Careful record keeping of this valuable resource is vital! MyKit enables easy and stress-free management of patients. The accurate importing and identification of patients and their status are easily done.

Included Features:
  • Patient Record Importing and Eligibility
  • Patient Contact tools
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Patient Behaviour and Profile tools
  • Benefit Checker (Realtime Schemes Only)
  • Patient Specific Reports
  • And many more..

Account Functions

MyKIT has developed an array of accounting functions that are all included in our packages. Not only do these assist in the collection of fees from patients but also to provide better financial control for the Providers. Helping them to understand their Cashflow; manage collections and complex reporting by innovative simple enhancements. All our reporting can be exported for Accountants and can be stored without printing them.

Included Features:
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • All Month end Reports are available
  • Provider Specific Reports
  • Claim Submission Visibility Reports
  • ICD10 Reports
  • Dynamic Age Analysis
  • Debt Collection
    All debt collecting efforts and reports can be exported.
  • Patient Behaviour Tracking
    Patient Record Keeping and tracking of all SMS, Email and Scheme and Practice Inter-actions.
  • ERA’s (Electronic Remittance Advise)
    This easy to use functionality has been refined to make your payment recording and reconciliation a delight. Additionally, they are easy to ignore or reverse if you do not agree with the recon from the Medical Aid. What a change!
  • And many more..

Billing can be a complex and stressful task. MyKIT offers an easy to use and fully functioning billing system. We have tried to keep the billing as simple and predictive as possible. Many users have expressed how pleasant it is to use the innovative billing functions. Let us show you how easy it can be to bill. This will increase productivity in your practice and allow admin staff to focus on the important task of interacting with your patients.

Included Features:
  • Predictive Icd10 Code identification.
    Coding and remembering the codes can be difficult but using the colourful and comprehensive search tools make this feature a delight in MyKIT.
  • Billing Memory and Favourite storing
    Let the system remember what you use the most
  • Billing Sequence Programming
    Let the computer do the remembering. You are able to bill via a Quick Visit system or simply duplicate previous claims which saves so much time.
  • Tracking of Visits
    So much time is spent on endlessly interacting with Schemes who never seem to get claims. We have many innovative solutions to offer here. Not only will you experience relief from claim query fatigue, but you will experience our partnership in guiding and assisting you in this process with a dedicated support person.


Technology has advanced so much recently that we are able to offer you a modern and exciting program. We have been able to provide far better support than most in terms of security, stability and access of data. Older programs are struggling to keep up with the innovative features of this new burst of technology just as a Nokia struggles to keep up with a latest iPhone or Samsung Smart phone. Allow us to show you how easy using this technology can be in your practice or business. See the saving in time and resources!

Included Features:
  • All Medicine updates
  • All Tariffs
  • All Icd10 Codes
  • Easy Directory Creations for additional Providers
  • User Driven Functions
    You can control your own system and load codes and items without having to have an IT degree or requiring help or needing to wait for others to assist you. And all of this is free in our system!
  • Auto updating system
  • Auto Updating Tariffs
  • Easy Remote Assistance Interface
  • Built in Query recording
  • Audit logs
  • User Management